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old argyle programs

Apr 14, 2010
hi, i have 3 very old argyle football programs, 1st one is nottingham forrest v plymouth argyle saturday 22nd august 1953 in good condition, 2nd one is plymouth argyle v port vale friday 4th april 1958 in good condition and the 3rd is charlton athletic v plymouth argyle saturday 28th november 1964 in good condition but has the score written on it. could some body let me know how they are worth, and can make me an offer on the programs. cheers jonny
Apr 3, 2008
Westerham Kent
53/4 v Forest wiorth between £10-15
58/9 v Port Vale about £3-4
64./5 Charlton probably a quid....if you a re lucky.

Bad news is I have all three so won't be making an offer :)

I would suggest Ebay....but you do take pot luck on there.