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Neil Warnock to appear at the Pavilions


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Apr 25, 2016
He will talk you through his unique and astonishing career, in front of a live audience for the first.

The show is on 28/10/22 and tickets are on sale now.

Sep 3, 2011
Going to be a long night he can talk for England
should have gone into panto
I saw Ken Dodd at the Pavilions. He could talk and talk. Fortunately I wasn't relying on a bus and could walk home. Others had to leave before the end. Some of his shows run past midnight.


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Apr 6, 2004
Your average footie fan ain't paying £36 a pop and bearing in mind there is no concession for any youngsters even if they were to be dragged along i can't see this event flying, you could probably get all going into the Queens arms on the barbican lol

memory man

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Nov 28, 2011
Never been one of my particular favourites but he was good and interesting at Senior Greens. And that backs up what people are saying above. The Argyle Lounge would guarantee a really appreciative audience and wpould be filled more easily. I would think £10 to £15 about right - he cannot be short of a few bob by now.
Jan 27, 2012
I don't know why some PASOTI posters are so negative about Warnock. When I talk to people, they think he was a very good manager for Argyle and I agree. I remember that fans were gutted when he left.

Warnock has had a brilliant career, is a real character of the game and always talks highly of Argyle and the local area. I saw him when Cardiff played a pre-season game at Liskeard a few seasons ago and he had plenty of time for everyone on that day- he was a Premier League manager at that time.

Personally I like the bloke.
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Jan 6, 2004
I am not negative about him (although I did not much like his style of football) I just don’t think he can fill arenas to hear him chat