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National League play off

Nov 18, 2011
Isn’t it time this became League 4, with 4 up and 4 down? It seems strange to have a bottleneck here with so many ex league aspirant clubs.
The Football League would never pass something like that, it'd basically be turkeys voting for Christmas.
I'll be willing Grimsby up as my wife is a Mariners fan. Definitely not a division you want to drop into as it's a swine to get out. Looking at the composition for the season just gone, I've seen Argyle play at 10 of those grounds.

Oct 10, 2012
Non league is a mess for promotion and relegation all the way down to the South West Peninsula league.

Most leagues have one automatic promotion and occasionally one play off place - it’s ridiculous.
Sep 3, 2008
I agree, or at least 3 up-down and bring L1-L2 in line with Championship-L1

Having different numbers of promotion/relegation slots is not right.
The four up/four down between L1 and L2 is a legacy of the abolition of Third Divisions North and South. It was offered as a sweetener to get clubs to vote for the new FL set up with a fourth tier. It's 60+ years on now and probably time it was reviewed.
Feb 13, 2021
Notts County's manager has been appointed Forest Green's new manager & FC Halifax Town's manager has been appointed Barrow's new manager- football moves in straight ways

Notts County & FC Halifax miss out on the National League playoff semis & their managers move on