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Middlesbrough match thread & ArgyleTV chat

Jan 4, 2005
I liked the speed of Isaiah Jones of Middleborough when he came on as a sub around the hour mark. I see he is Lambeth lad and Borough have previously put him out on loan to Queen of the South. I would not mind seeing him on loan to Argyle should Warnock be willing. Whether he would fit into RL's pattern of play is another matter?
Aug 12, 2010
South Wales
We look stronger than we did last season, early days but looks like we have done well in the transfer market.
I thought Panutche looks class at times. I would like to see Ennis's pace used more incisively.
As regards Argyle TV, pretty good, but the score card seemed intrusive to me. Probably most people would be happy with the commentary, personally I would prefer a more minimalist approach where they stuck more to focusing on the game than doing football related banter.
Apr 1, 2009
Curious to know why you selected Torbay Green's post to reply to? His was a positive post, not angry. He mentioned that DM made a couple of errors...which he did but there was nothing in there that warranted a "chill out". No biggie...just curious as there are certainly more "angry" posts. (y) (y)
Fair comment, it was a bit random, I suspect partly due to getting used to the new format. Really trying to make the point that there had been no significant flak at DM, and that "angry" emotions weren't necessary.
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