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Michael Parson RIP

Feb 22, 2008
Really sad news, did not know Michael to talk to but having been going to mainly away games over the last 20 years or so his was always a face that I would see/look for in the away end.

His dedication was truly great as he was alway there and as now, back in the 90's he must of clocked up some terrible performances from Argyle but I'm sure that made the wins and draws even sweeter

RIP fellow pilgrim
Feb 29, 2008
I and my wife Shirley worked with Michael at M L Engineering in the 60s and from that day to the last time i saw him at Derriford hospital in August he was always cheerful, happy, and of course full of Argyle. Whenever i saw him his first words were always - "Hows my mate shir?"
and if she was with me there was an awfull lot of flirting went on!!. Unfortunately Shir died in Sept. but im sure she will have found him a comfortable seat with a good view of Home Park!!
My condolences to Michaels dedicated sister, but you can rest assured that Shirley will take care of him.
R.I.P. Michael
Dave :scarf:


Apr 16, 2011
I wondering if someone can help me. I see comments related to sticks and such. I remember the gentlemen that was up in the box with me at the Southampton match and he was on 2 sticks as well. Seems the age described on here could be about the same etc. Never got into the details of how religiously he followed the Argyle though so not sure if its different people or not! If this the same gentlemen or is it someone else? Regardless of who is RIP and thoughts and condolences out to the family.
Jul 19, 2008
Michael will be truly missed on those long away day trips....

Thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time......

RIP fellow Pilgrim......

Mike Greening

Lowey Sponsor
NHS Volunteer Supporter
Pasoti Donor
Aug 2, 2008
A fine example to those fairweather supporters. I don’t believe he missed a match for many a year illness excepting RIP. :nworthy:


Feb 25, 2005
Lostwithiel, Capital of Cornwall.
I shall be coming up for the funeral on friday.
Can any kind Plymouthian tell me the bus route number that goes closest to the crematorium please? (train gets in approx noon).
I see that citybus routes 8 & 9 go to Efford, will either of these get me close?
Thanks for your help :thumbs:
Aug 5, 2011
Peter Ryan":1e71dox4 said:
For those of you who travel to away matches, especially using the supporters club coach, you will be very familiar with Michael. A fixture of the away match, wherever and whenever, despite being severely disabled, he was always there.

Sadly, Michael passed away on Monday, after complications following an operation.

I know a lot of the older supporters will have known Michael a thousand times better than I did but perhaps not too many of them post on here.

Michael's funeral will be at Efford Crematorium, this coming Friday (25th November) at 1:30p.m. His family has asked that - as he lived and breathed Argyle - supporters will be very welcome and please wear their Argyle colours.

RIP Michael.

let him rest in peace

MODS - could you sticky for a few days please. Thx.
Jan 1, 2006
Didn't know Micheal but this sad news touches me after recently losing my season ticket buddy.......I'm sure he is in good Green Company RIP fellow Pilgrim