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Michael Foot R.I.P



BBCJohn":3n9vgljm said:
Not sure where the thread has gone about Michael Foot.


It's been transferred to Classic Threads, and these comments will be merged with that thread when it is right to do so.
Mar 4, 2004
Quintrell_Green":3uriaujx said:
Excellent Peter. If you read this, I wonder if Argyle were supported by his illustrious brothers Hugh, Dingle and John? Perhaps not with the same level of fervour as Isaac and Michael, but at least emotionally and always keen to get the result on a Saturday?

That sums it up very well, Quintrell.

Paul Foot was fanatical too; he too had an Argyle scarf decorating his coffin when he was cremated, also at Golders Green, in 2004.

Paul's three sons also support Argyle.