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Michael Foot R.I.P


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Jul 3, 2006
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Ave_IT":hyyl241s said:
A sad, poignant, but excellent thread (PASOTI at its best). As I read through I kept wanting to quote so many to comment but lost count. I never met him and that will always be a source of great regret to me - I envy those of you who did and have shared your terrific anecdotes. Some people have a spirit that trascends their occupation or beliefs or achievments and friends and foes alike just KNOW they are special. We've just lost one such and are poorer without him.

that is a great summation Ave_IT and a great tribute.

I was thinking the other day of the occassional 'famous' people that you are lucky enough to meet, talk to, share a room with, listen to a speech etc. there is no doubt that many of those people are 'special' indeed. (these days of course many famous people aren't worth meeting!)

you can just hear a modern MP can't you! 'And when I die, I presume all the funeral costs are claimable?' (slither slither)
Jun 29, 2006
A nice little piece on Radio 4's The World This Weekend at the moment. Focused on Foot's political ideals and also on Plymouth in the general elections. Some vox pops from yesterday's game too, although they have ballsed up by interviewing Gary Streeter as "a Plymouth MP".


RIP fellow pilgrim.
Have fond memories of your speech at pasalbs 25th anniversary do.
Enjoyed "your" nice minute at home park yesterday as well.
Mar 4, 2004
A wonderful Kind Hearted man. God looks on the heart not on the outward appearance as many MP,s should remember. God Bless Michael.
Jun 23, 2006
Not sure where the thread has gone about Michael Foot, but I just wanted to thank Peter Jones for his heartfelt, humorous and touching tribute at the funeral today. I was there in a work capacity so didn't get a chance to thank him personally, but it was warmly received.

Michael had his Argyle scarf draped over his coffin, and other mourners who I work with told me afterwards they never realised how passionate he was about Argyle.


Wonderful words from Peter Jones.

I tell you what, I might not agree with everything that PJ posts on here, but can that man talk.

PJ's words

Jan 4, 2005
Excellent Peter. If you read this, I wonder if Argyle were supported by his illustrious brothers Hugh, Dingle and John? Perhaps not with the same level of fervour as Isaac and Michael, but at least emotionally and always keen to get the result on a Saturday?


Paul Foot supported Argyle,often metioned them in his Mirror columnin during the eighties.