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Michael Foot R.I.P



Really sad news yesterday.

I enjoyed an evening in his company some years back (Early Sturrock era) after a game when he spoke to PASALB. Even at his considerable age then you could tell you were in the presence of greatness.

RIP Pilgrim :nworthy:.


Sad news indeed. I remember some years ago seeing him on the away terraces at Newport County with his Argyle scarf around his neck and last time I saw him away he was coming out of Forest a few years ago. Argyle through and through.

RIP Janner...forever a Pilgrim.


Dec 28, 2004
I was deeply saddened when I heard of Michael's passing.

A remarkable person who I have a great deal of respect for. The world is a poorer place without him.

We'll reach the summit one day and Michael will have the best seat in the house. May you rest in peace, fellow Pilgrim.
Aug 22, 2009
A remarkable man who led a remarkable life...when I was doing history at university Michael cropped up in three different courses, such was his impact on British public life over a 50 year period.

I was pleased to see him get the respect and tributes he deserved on the news last night. Truly one of a kind.
Mar 4, 2004
Well, Argyle can count themselves lucky to have had such a great man so in love with the club - over such a long life, too.

I did a little tribute for yesterday's Western Morning News. Steve Dean has kindly uploaded it, alongside a piece by John Lloyd, on Greens on Screen.

If you can spare a moment, take a quick look. It just about sums it all up for me.

Meantime, two of Michael's much loved great-nephews, John and Tom Foot (the great journalist Paul Foot was their father) will be present at tomorrow's match, together with a great-great niece and nephew. It'll be great for them to get a sense of what Footie meant to the fans.
I remember being at an event in a tent behind Argyle, maybe 7 years ago.

Now, I'm no political animal, but I knew who he was, and as soon as he started talking, the entire tent fell silent, listening to a master wordsmith. Incredible.

RIP Mr Foot
Apr 15, 2004
East Devon
A sad, poignant, but excellent thread (PASOTI at its best). As I read through I kept wanting to quote so many to comment but lost count. I never met him and that will always be a source of great regret to me - I envy those of you who did and have shared your terrific anecdotes. Some people have a spirit that trascends their occupation or beliefs or achievments and friends and foes alike just KNOW they are special. We've just lost one such and are poorer without him.