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Michael Cooper to Norwich (or another club)?


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Oct 31, 2010
This rumour has been around for a few weeks but is now gaining more attention.

Norwich signed Angus Gunn from Southampton for £5m just a year ago.

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Apr 20, 2004
The right level for his next move IMO but only if he'll be number one. Would they play him in front of Krull or Gunn? Or perhaps they'd loan him back to us for the season...
Dec 25, 2021
I think he'd be in a better position financially and career wise if he moved to a Championship team, but on loan from a Prem team


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Feb 24, 2007


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Jul 3, 2006
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Norwich City goalkeeper Jon McCracken 21 (22 on 24th May) has signed a new contract, keeping him at the club through to the summer of 2024.

“Obviously I’m delighted,” he told canaries.co.uk. “As soon as there was any talk, I was keen to get it done. I’m buzzing to get it and hopefully it will be another good two and a half years.
“It’s coming up to six seasons (since joining the club). I’ve been through the ranks with the Under-18s, Under-23s and the first-team.
“I’m loving it, it’s great and it’s good to see the many lads before me who have made it as professionals. Hopefully I can follow them and keep up that path into the first-team squad.”
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Jan 12, 2017
Rumours hey, keeps everyone on their toes, but it's highly unlikely anything will happen yet as the players are on a break.
Cooper to Norwich though?
I think as they are a yo yo championship/premier league team they would be looking at better keeper's with more experience than our keeper.
Cooper to Argyle fans is the best keeper in the land, in real life he's just a good league one player.
If he moves on then I expect a mid table championship club to come in for him like Middlesbrough for example
Jan 12, 2017
That's fair enough, it is just my opinion which holds no weight with anyone else's and I'm good with that.
I'm not in the loop at Home Park as you are and certainly others on here, but it is still my opinion he isn't yet good enough for the Premier league nor a top championship side.
I am more than happy to have a told you so when proven wrong, however I think a club like Middlesbrough is where he will go if he leaves at all.
Feb 13, 2021
Siily season is well & truly in full flow

Social media clickbait on rinse/repeat in respect of Coops & Pan- do i believe everything that appears on Social Media - no

Only our club knows what is going on & because everything is done behind closed doors with no leaks i am more than comfortable with leaving them to get on with it

Coops has had a wonderful season & has a bucket load of accolades to go with it- but he is mature beyond his years- has is head well & truly screwed on & isn't daft

There will be conversations going on in the background regard Pan & Coops but it is a pointless exercise getting stressed out about every social media post

If Coops & Pan move on it will be because - it is right for the player & the club

Argyle is a business & is run as such- to be competitive we will have to sell players to be able to evolve.

We have no say as to where our players choose to go when they leave - but when they do leave it is for their career progression & our financial benefit to be able to compete

It is sad when players leave but football is a business & the club has to move with the times to be as i said competing with bigger clubs to get to the next level

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