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Limits on headers


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Dec 29, 2005
Some things are irreparable once broken. In such cases the ‘cure’ is to not do the damage in the first place.
I agree.. but that would change football forever.. we need to finance dementia research more so we can understand what causes the brain to react in some but not in others.. could regular brain scans show anything.. so much is not understood yet and financing research more than it currently is must be part of the answer not just for sportsmen and women but for everyone.
Jan 20, 2004
Agree, maybe encouraging head protection as an option to start with.

Thinking about it, banning headers would be weird at first, but if hand ball was just the hand or certainly from only the elbow down, then controlling the ball with the upper body might work, it would certainly make corners more of a bun fight.

Whatever they do it would change the game of football as we know it. Banning it in schools, youth level and even in professional training may be the only solution if they are to take any action at all.
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Sep 25, 2010
Strange, there is never the intensity and enquiry of damage to heads in the form of the brutal aspect of boxing.

How many youngsters now, take up boxing, how many old boxers (all of them), now, are suffering mental and brain damage.

Boxing is more damaging than headers in football.
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Dec 8, 2003
If anyone ever went into football and didn't think heading a ball could cause long term damage, then they probably needed their head checking before they played their first game.

Its like putting your hand in a fire and complaining its hot. Beggars belief.