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Johnny Williams R.I.P

Johnny Williams was the Dockyard Apprentice who lived the dream of being good enough to play for Argyle. He was an Electrical Fitter Apprentice and playing for EEM Dept in the P and D League when picked up by Argyle. He finished his apprenticeship before becoming a full time professional with Argyle.

He was a true Argyle legend and as many have said on here good enough for the old first Division. I was lucky enough to see him throughout his Argyle career and his high powered shots had to be seen to be believed. When he first started playing for Argyle it was as an 'Inside Right' and he said on many occasions that Neil Dougall who played "Right Half' made his job so much easier and taught him a lot. Eventually he moved back to 'Right Half' where he spent most of his career.

RIP Johnny , you brought a lot of pleasure to many many thousands of Argyle fans.
Oct 23, 2005
Johnny Williams was way before my time. However, he is my Dad's favourite ever Argyle player so his name resonates with me.

I remember seeing my Dad's face when he spoke to Johnny Williams after the 'Legends' had done their lap of the pitch a few years back. My Dad was in awe of this player and was absolutely over the moon that he'd got his autograph (again probably!) and been able to have a quick chat. I knew just from seeing the look on my Dad's face that this guy had been something special.

This thread just reinforces that. There must be a minute's silence on Saturday.

RIP to an undisputed Argyle legend :nworthy:


Johnny Williams was my childhood at Argyle and there was always a buzz when he had the ball because you knew that this man could hit a ball and boy some of those goals were sensational. If only we had the TV archive to show some of those goals.
I used to go to school with his brother Barry who was sadly taken from us at an early age.
Farewell Johnny Williams and say hello to Barry for me.
Another sad day in Argyle's history.
Sep 26, 2009
A sad day for me to learn that Johnny Williams has passed, watched John play for many years a strong
steady player with a rocket shot, he and Neil Dougall could both hit them, they also knew how to behave setting a fine example for the club, John's brothers Dave, Peter, and Barrie all worked at Clarks
shoe factory in the 60's when I worked there, Barrie was killed in a tragic motor car accident at the
junction by Scott Isolation Hospital, a trophy was purchased and is still contested in local football (Barrie Williams Memorial Trophy) Dave & Peter both at one time or another played for Wessex Rangers
as I did when we started the football team (as a factory team) in 1963 so football was in the the family's blood.
Johnny Williams a true Argyle Legend. RIP.

Brian Pedley

I`m surprised and disappointed not to see Johnny`s passing reported in the OS, Western Morning News or Herald today. Perhaps Rupertand others could give people a gentle prod, given the feeling expressed on these boards and elsewhere in the city.
Very sad news indeed. Johnny Williams had a lot of fans - particularly among us Efford boys - because he was also from Efford (I think his family lived in Efford Road). I knew his younger brother Pete a little (Pete went on to play for Exeter City) but the older, good looking Johnny had hero status.

The family must have moved away from Efford eventually but Johnny remained part of the community by opening a petrol station on Efford Road.

There has to be an appropriate acknowledgement of his passing at Saturday's game.
Aug 26, 2011
J.Williams was a great player who will be sadly missed. I remember him playing with Johnny Newman, Tony Book, Cliff jackson and many more good players but he was always my favourite. R.I.P JW