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Johnny Williams R.I.P



Just heard that Johny Wiiliams died this morning!


Hopefully someone can link to his page on GoS!
Jul 1, 2006
A class player / 'proper footballer' & great example to those who followed.
His death must be recognised on Saturday, along with the Argyle fans who have also passed away just recently!
May 22, 2006
My grandad always talked of Sammy Black and Jack Leslie, my dad always talked of Johnny Williams. Must be up there with the greats.
I'm very upset to read this, yes a great player for Argyle and I always enjoyed seeing him play. His name brings back wonderful memories of my Father, my brother and I watching Argyle together, travelling in from Horrabridge and Tavistock. Now it's just me that goes as and when.

I have no idea how many goals he scored from 30 yards(in old measurements) or more, thunderbolts as I seem to remember !

Johnny was held in high regard by us and always gave 100%, oh how we could do with a 'Johnny Williams' now.

RIP. Mr Johnny Williams. You will never be forgotten.

What a sad week it's been for all kinds of reasons.
Jan 4, 2005
I take it the deceased is J S Williams and not his namesake J L Williams. J S was wonderful, classic wing half of the 'old school' pre 4.3.3. days/tactics. His shot for a goal versus West Ham in the third round of the FA Cup in 1962, kicking into the Barn Park End still stands in the memory of this then small schoolboy. He left Plymouth to play for Bristol Rovers, who at that time, I do believe were a League lower. I found that a tad unusual at the time. Thanks for the memory, Johnny Williams
Oct 20, 2011
Very sad news. A great player (a right half, in old money) with a fantastic shot. He played in the very first Argyle team I saw in 1960. I remember him scoring an absolute screamer against Preston North End when we won 7-1 in 1962.

He was a real gentleman who deserved to play at a higher level than he did, in my opinion.
Jan 1, 2006
I'm sure he is in good Green Company with the amount of fans dying recently .....its bizarre
RIP Johnny my father in law tells me you hit the ball harder than anyone.