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Idiot supporters (Smokebombgate)


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May 12, 2008
Leigh Griffiths apologises after kicking smoke bomb into the CROWD

Griffiths has been charged by the police with "culpable and reckless conduct". He could also face Scottish Football Association disciplinary action but the police charge could delay that process.

May 16, 2016
They're stopping just short of cavity searches today. I do hope the pyros are well concealed.

Leave earlier if not already here.
Dec 13, 2005
The bloke in front of me at the gate at the Barn Park End of the Lyndhurst was told that it is against ground regulations to take any metal objects into the ground!! This included his Argyle pen with the tiny strip of metal on the top, keys and mobile phones as they can be used as missiles . Either she was crazed with power, dense or Argyle have placed even more restrictions on entry. Every supporter is also to empty their pockets and be fully wanded as she termed it, even children. My turn came and I did suggest to her that I was very unlikely to throw £700 of iphone onto the pitch however hacked off I became. To be told she was only doing her job.

She then proceeded to 'wand' me. Now if her wand cannot detect the lump of stainless steel attached to my lower left leg then I don't think anybody has anything to be worried about. Just tuck your missiles down your trousers, they will never find them.

It was only on the way home that I thought to myself that I must actually be banned from Home Park now as metal objects are prohibited.
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Aug 16, 2021
For me, the calls to ban people for life, or a set number of years, for throwing pyros is all very premature as the punishment relies on who the thrower is. I bet my bottom dollar it's kids seeing it on telly and, with youthful exuberance, trying to copy the continental atmosphere. In 1984, at age 14, I was ejected from the Lyndhurst for telling a copper to make sweet love to his mum.....such are the stupid things we do as kids growing up. The emphasis here should be education, few videos of kids with burnt hands should do it.
However, if its a grown adult with a history of being a pain in the backside at football games, different story altogether and any action should be way more robust.