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How long…

Sep 6, 2006
Personally I think Lowe is pretty good on Recruitment having the right contacts. Not convinced re his tactical acumen though.
Jul 19, 2006
Why are we worried what Lowe does we are not a one man team
Simon Hallett has experience in appointing managers now and will have a rigorous selection process planned if Lowe goes thanks and we'll done.

Rumours up here that Moore had lost the dressing room at Rovers apparently Bearsted them in training and being young loanees etc the wheels fell off. Father in law wasn't that fussed he left as a Rovers fan however he blames the board for taking so long appointing a successor and in his opinion the wrong man in Wellens which is so far being proved to be correct
Feb 8, 2005
I don't agree.

Pulis was attempting to turn us around.

The job was not going to be easy, it wasn't going to be quick. Patience was needed and the season was not going to be one to remember.

Survival was the name of the game.

He stopped us from losing every game. It wasn't pretty, but it wasn't meant to be.

He first got rid of the dead wood. Bare bones so he could add to the squad.

I thought he was doing a great job and was waiting for his incomings to enrich the team and get us back on an even keel.

But the pull of Stoke City was too strong.

He did leave the Club in a very good position for the next manager, and there is no doubt in my mind that Ian Holloway profited from what Pulis had done. Usually a new manager first has to weed out the players who he didn't want to be there, but that was already done for him.

Pulis went on to better things, and Holloway was able to start to bring success to the Club.

I thank Pulis for what he did. Had he not done that, then it was likely, in my opinion, that we were heading for a relegation season and Holloway would not have been interested in a Club heading towards Div 1.

I really thought it was a pull for Holloway to make his mark on the Club. Half of the job had already been done and all he had to do was bring in players and make the team his own.
I detested the bloke before he came to Argyle. Look at his litigious past, it says it all.
Dec 30, 2020
Lowe’s not stupid, and he knows that in football management timing is everything. Why quit a club which is moving upward, with potential (I know we all hate the p word) being realised, for one which has all the opposite problems, and may take several managers before they’re back on track. Look at Luggy when he left us for Southampton. He was fired when they were in mid table and improving, and I’m sure he must regret that apparent career advancement.
I think you and others wildly over-estimate the importance of anything other than salary on managers' career choices.

The second Southampton made that job offer, Sturrock's family's lives were transformed for generations to come. When the payoff landed in his bank account, I very much doubt he regretted anything. If Lowe gets a similar opportunity, he's taking it without even asking about the location, transfer budget or size of the club.
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Sep 6, 2006
Third favourites with the bookies but of course, you know better as always. They’ve got a great chance with that squad, which will be strengthened again in January.
Yeah not like the bookies to choose the bigger clubs. And if you were to follow the odds 3rd is not a 'great' chance is it? You need more than a good squad to go up. Team spirit, never say die attitude etc. Didn't look to have much of it on Saturday. I assume you have put money on them.


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Jul 16, 2018
I also don’t believe Sheff Wed have a ‘great chance’ to get promoted. Many clubs will raise their game against them just as Argyle did. I personally think Wednesday will still be in league 1 next season.

And that’s not meant to wind you up DevonGreenOwl, just my opinion.
Feb 13, 2021
League 1 is a graveyard of premier league clubs in years gone by - you only have to look at Sunderland , Ipswich & Portsmouth to see how hard it is to get out of the league- if you do not obtain a top 2 spot you are not guaranteed to get promoted via the playoffs- you only have to look at Sunderland last year who lost in the playoff phrases

Yes these teams can be deemed big fish in a somewhat middle size pool but if you do not deliver consistently it is not a given you will get promoted

From the masterclass we gave Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday - i did not see anything in Sheffield Wednesday that made me think they will be there or there about the top 6 come the business end of the season- yes they have Barry Bannan but one man does not make a team & Darren Moore certainly has a lot of work on his plate to get them to where the fans expectations lie

Mark Pedlar

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Jul 28, 2010
I think how you regard a team is sometimes biased with your knowledge and experience of that club. In my lifetime Sheffield Wednesday have been a successful club but would I regard them as "big" - no. Norwich are currently in the top division and have played in Europe - successful? Yes, big? - no.

If you asked the same question of my grandfather I would expect Burnley, Stoke, Preston North End, Notts County to be regarded as successful - are they big now? My father would regard Forest and Derby and Bristol City as successful - are they big?

Man Utd, Liverpool and Spurs are successful and big although all 3 have played at a lower level relatively recently and Chelsea and Manchester City are successful and big now until the money runs out.

Arsenal - always thereabouts but not big as Manchester United or Liverpool but continuously successful.

So Sheffield Wednesday - successful in the past, not so now, not big and could easily go the way of Notts County or Newcastle. The longer they're here the more difficult it gets. I imagine there would have been the same attitude from County fans on an Argyle Internet forum 40 years ago had one existed.

I seem to remember a saying about being nice to people on the way up cos you may need them to be so on the way down.


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May 12, 2008
Chris Hughton has been sacked by Forest- who would be mad enough to take the managers hot seat - especially with their hiring & firing policy- Chris Hughton was only the manager for 11 months
There's enough mercenary managers around that'll go there for the money.