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How long…


Zoe Cunningham
?? Sponsor
Feb 24, 2007
Until the inevitable manager panic sacking starts and certain manager names will be linked?

I’m going for the first sacking week commencing 20th September and links starting there on after.

Only a bit of fun before anyone tell’s me to calm down and enjoy the ride.


Site Owner
Loon Magnet
Nov 29, 2012
Darren Moore.

The fans of the mighty Sheffield Wednesday will call for his head after they get beat 3-0 by Shrewsbury.
Already saying he should go. No plan B, shouldn't be getting his players to play out from the back, poor transfer window, tactically inept, favourite players etc, etc

Heard it before somewhere...
Speaking to Wednesday fans before the game they were already critical, so heaven knows how they felt 90 minutes later. Their judgement was particularly based on reports from West Brom fans, who simply felt he couldn’t cut it.
Feb 17, 2004
I reckon Curle at Oldham could be first out the door this season. Cotterill could be in the running though.

At Championship sides, clearly Houghton under pressure. Forest change managers more than we change our home kit though. Think I saw there has been 20 managers there in last 10 seasos.

Peterborough? Another trigger happy chairman. Lowe and MacAnthony seem quite chummy though so they may present an option he'd fancy.

Derby. Not sure Rooney will stay all season. Club in turmoil though. Not very appealing perhaps?
Jun 27, 2019
Surely Paul Cook is on shaky ground given the money he's spent. Seven games played so far and no wins. There isn't much sign of progress either as they were thumped 5-2 at home yesterday!
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Zoe Cunningham
?? Sponsor
Feb 24, 2007
Ipswich have overhauled too many players in one window.

It will take time to gel.

What other team brings in 10 new players in one window and expect them to just click and hammer a promotion contender 3-0? 😜😜😜