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Home Park Vaccinations NEW WALK IN INFO.💉

Aug 16, 2005
Am a bit confused...have booked appointments for booster for wife and I for late Dec...but the site says "If you have booked a 3rd dose, you will not be able to get vaccinated without your referral letter". We are not " people with a weakened immune system"..do we need said referral letter or can we just turn up ?


NHS Volunteer Supporter
Foodbank Donor
Sep 15, 2003
Am not an expert but I believe that a third dose is not the same as a booster. The third dose is a third primary dose for those who with weakened immunity, so if that doesn't apply, then you won't have had a referral letter to take with you. You just need to turn up with your appointment reference number.

Hope that helps. :)


Site Owner
Nov 29, 2012
"Third dose" is different from your booster (it applies to immune suppressed patients)

So, if you're walking in for your booster, no referral letter is necessary as long as you fall into the cohort 'Over 40 and having your 2nd does ON or BEFORE about 7th June (that changes every day).