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Home Office boss to sue Government

Feb 17, 2004
For constructive dismissal.

Permanent Secretary Phillip Ruttnam accuses Home Secretary Priti Patel .

BBC News - Home Office boss quits over 'campaign against him'


Chancellor gone and top official gone within weeks of election - not start Mr Johnson would have hoped for.

Ruttnam has rejected a financial settlement so as he can pursue court action. Interesting times ahead for the new Home Secretary.
Jan 20, 2004
You could see it happening a mile off. She's a loose cannon. Warning signs were there when she went off and did her own thing under Theresa May. Symptomatic of Johnson's premiership, that he appoints/ delegates to others, once he's achieved his goal of PM, to carry out government as they see fit while he revels in sitting on his throne.

It will be interesting to see how it all unravels over the next few years. The only worry is that adhering to the 'Trump Manual of Government' and its populist progeny we're likely to see her survive a while longer.


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Aug 17, 2005
Merv if it's the case where someone was given a pay off I dont think it will give any assistance. She was only in charge for two weeks prior to them leaving and discussions were already being undertaken for the payoff prior to her taking over.