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Hello Mr President!


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Jul 3, 2006
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Just a bit of coffee bar 'politics' fun :shock:

I've just googled and I am in Downtown BA, Joe Biden is in Camp Carbis munching on a Warrens burger pastie.

AA tells me that is 81.6 miles away (from me that is!).
Now I only went to the US once and that was September 2001 :facepalm: (Good Ole Pogle!)

I was in Orlando then but have no way of knowing how 'close' I ever came to George Dubya at the time (he might have flown over me?) Was he in Florida on 9/11??

Anyway, apart from that, I don't recall ever being (knowingly) closer to the POTUS in my life.

So who has been closer to a POTUS? Same City? Same state? Less than my current 81.6 miles?
Who has seen/same room/met/shook hands with a Potus?

On top of that, who is the closest pasoti poster to Joltin' Joe Biden today? :think:


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Dec 30, 2004
I've been to DC three times, including standing around outside the White House taking pictures, so I suppose I've been close to a president a good few times.

One time I was sitting outside a restaurant with a couple of lifelong residents when a motorcade whizzed past. I was assured it was the Prez - and who was I to argue!
Feb 17, 2004
Similar to Micky D.

I was in Rome in 1980 when Jimmy Carter motorcade went past in a blurr.

Also reluctantly (nature called) went into a Trump Tower in NYC in 2018. No idea if he was there or not, the cafe and shop were selling loads of Trump "souvenirs".


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Dec 30, 2004
I spent some time in the lobby of Trump Tower on my first ever visit to NY, c. 1990. It was pre-Apprentice, let alone pre-Prez, but I do remember being struck by the appalling gaudiness of the place. He already had a well-earned reputation for crassness and mega-bling, even back then. (I wonder if he was upstairs?)