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Grand Central Trains Sunderland away

Dec 13, 2005
Grand Central Trains have released tickets this morning for 12 December If staying overnight after the Sunderland game. These tickets can be bought for £17.00 on Trainline if you hurry. Obviously you will still have to buy a ticket from London to Plymouth (£61) when they are released by GWR if returning to sunny Devon but comparing prices it will certainly be cheaper that booking using LNER and GWR from Newcastle to Plymouth via London (£104) or the ridiculous prices charged by Cross Country from Newcastle to Plymouth direct (£225.80)
Apr 25, 2016
Also be worth checking how much it will be on a train splitter website. If people ain’t to familiar with a train splitter, it spilts the journey up and instead of a return tickets it’s all single tickets but if it’s a direct train you stay on the train and always is cheaper then a return ticket
Sep 3, 2008
Buying train tickets is a minefield. So far I have booked nine return journeys from Plymouth to London for football this season and have paid FIVE different prices. Most expensive £71.90, cheapest £36.40.
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