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Gordon Bennett RIP


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Oct 31, 2010

Very sad to hear Gordon Bennett has passed away. He was Head of Youth Development at Argyle, a Pasoti member and all round mentor for the young Argyle players.

He did a lot of good work at Norwich City and Bristol Rovers amongst others.

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Nov 29, 2012
I heard he was very poorly. :cry:

He'll be sadly missed by a lot of Argyle fans that's for sure.

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Apr 13, 2017
Really sad to hear this. A proper football character with a wonderful turn of phrase.

Did a lot behind the scenes during the dark days by challenging the administrators on decisions daily basis.

A lot of top professionals owe their careers to him - people like Craig Bellamy, Robert Green, Jamie Cureton. I’ve no doubt they’ll be paying public tribute to him over the next few days.
Feb 28, 2016
Very sad news, never spoke to anyone more knowledgeable about Westcountry football at all levels. You only have to see the warm tributes from so many of our ex academy lads to see how passionate and supportive he was about bringing through own grown talent whilst trying to keep them rooted.

A true gentleman RIP.


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May 12, 2008
Very sad news, he was a true gent. RIP Gordon. Thoughts are with his family and friends.
Aug 12, 2015
A true Gentleman, used to love our conversations with Gordon.
He will be truly missed by many players, football fans and those of us lucky enough to have known Gordon. A remarkable man, with a wealth of knowledge. RIP Gordon.
Jul 14, 2005
Really sorry to hear this. For a number of years we were a host family for Argyle apprentices and got to know Gordon as a result. I will always remember his sardonic smile and parting farewell 'onward and upward.' An absolute gent but struck me as quite a lonely character. A real one off. RIP Gordon.
Feb 28, 2016
Gordon was a traditionalist, a romantic, who longed for football to be something, it had long since ceased to be. Sad to have at least one more voice arguing against the tide in that battle. It is testament to his character that he held such sway and influence well into the new millennium.


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Feb 14, 2010
Well that’s a terrible way to end the day.

A really, really nice man, and I still remember the video of the Argyle staff on the Home Park pitch during admin. He fronted it and spoke beautifully of how proud he and the staff were to work for the club despite not being paid.

RIP :(
May 8, 2011
Thank you Gordon for the late nights chats travelling hone from so many Argyle youth matches.
All my condolences to Darren Way, Christian Walton and so many more you had so much influence on their life and careers.
Apr 3, 2008
Westerham Kent
I got to know Gordon through his programme fairs...he travelled the country tirelessly and was a the driving force behind a number of successful fairs...I have stood at Swindon and Wimbledon and the attendance never knew how hard he worked (and at no profit to himself I suspect) to make them happen.

The link is to a the tributes from collectors on the Football programme forum which speaks volumes to how highly he was respected.

I regret not having spoken to him since the last Wimbledon fair.

RIP friend.

http://www.footballprogrammecentre.co.u ... 641#172641


Feb 25, 2005
Lostwithiel, Capital of Cornwall.
Very sad news.
When I was lucky enough to win the "money can't buy" trip to the 2010 Northern Ireland Milk Cup with the Argyle Youth Squad, Gordon made me very welcome and drove us around to all the matches in the van with all of Argyles kit etc. We had some great conversations, his football knowledge was vast.
Whenever I've seen him over the last 10 years at various matches he's always made the time for a quick chat. Absolute gentleman.
Keep smiling!
RIP Gordon.
Nov 18, 2018
Behind his quiet and unassuming demeanour was a true football man. Obviously, Bristol Rovers was his first love and his long standing association with Ian Holloway brought him to Argyle to work with the youth set up. Holloway's Twitter tribute to him sums it all up.

He always had time to chat and would always acknowledge. His football wisdom and knowledge was unparalleled. As others have said in 2011 he stood tall against the Administrators on behalf of the Argyle staff. I think they underestimated him not realising he had a strong administrative background as Chief Executive of not only Rovers but also Norwich City.

Many players past and present will be mourning his passing. Sad news.