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George Cooper travelling to Rotherham

Aug 5, 2015
A wing back is not a full back. Not even an overlapping full back. That’s why you play three at the back to make up for any defensive frailties shown by your wing backs. You can’t have them putting in telling crosses and putting the opposing winger into row Z at the same time. You need to be confident in your personnel, which is why you employ professionals rather than amateurs.

davie nine

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Jan 23, 2015
All these over qualified football managers - surprised they have not sent in their glowing CVs to SH & demand they replace RL.

George will be like a new signing - no doubt it will take him a while to get up to speed but it will be a joy to watch him
I like your pre-season positivity, MM. You were, obviously, very disappointed with our performances in the last few months of last season and made your feelings felt.
However, you are, clearly, impressed with our close season recruitment, as I am.
I believe that George Cooper was carrying the injury for quite a while before he had to accept the inevitable.
I agree with most on here that left wing back is not his best position and I suspect that he would prefer a midfield role to demonstrate his talents.
I hope that he comes back fully fit and proves his detractors wrong, regardless of what position he is asked to play in.
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Feb 8, 2009
George Cooper would be a more reliable player on the left in a 4-4-2 formation in my view. Past performances show he is very good at putting in dangerous crosses but back in his own half has not been convincing. It will be good to see him back in contention but I feel he won't walk back into the starting line-up.
Aug 5, 2015
According to Martin Keown wing backs are either wingers or wide midfield players. They are not full backs or defenders. 442 may well be better for George but we don’t play that system so there has to be a bit of give and take somewhere along the line.
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