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EU vote

EU Vote

  • In

    Votes: 91 46.9%
  • Out

    Votes: 103 53.1%

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Jul 15, 2006
Kenton, Devon
I wouldn't have thought that there would be a marked reduction in traffic on motorways as hauliers bypassed the Britain land-bridge between Ireland and the rest of the UK, TBH. That being said, routes like Holyhead would be a lot, lot quieter (it was mental the last time I visited Anglesey about 4 or 5 years ago), but I read that the drop in traffic would have a major impact on local jobs on the island as it was such a big source of employment for the area.
Jan 7, 2007
From Transport Secretary Grant Shapps today:-

"We’re aware of a shortage of HGV drivers, so I'm announcing a temp extension of drivers' hours rules from Mon 12 July, giving flexibility to drivers & operators to make slightly longer journeys. We've ramped up the number of driving tests available & will consider other measures."

Project fear obvs...

Brexit - taking back control of killing people on our roads.


Auction Winner
Apr 30, 2004
Just got my new passport delivered, turned around in 8 days which was unexpected!
It's still red, but has no reference to EU on the cover anymore.
I thought they were going to be blue now! :unsure: