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Donald Trump

Sep 18, 2009
There's a few nominees who seem a lot more dangerous than Trump, check out Scott Walker or Rick Santorum.

The last two Republican canditates have come from the moderate wing. In 2016 they could send a real lunatic up for election.
chronicgreen":1w2007x6 said:
You mean you don't trust Donald 'the mullet' Trump with the World's largest nuclear arsenal?

Why not? We trusted idiots like George W Bush and Ronald Reagan with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way a Trump fan (except after sprouts) but I suspect the US advisors and staff are WAY more sensible than some of the material they have to nurse around the White House and Capitol Hill.
Jul 15, 2006
Kenton, Devon
Nope, according to my American friends (mostly, but not exclusively, Democrats), although he is currently a front-runner in the Republican nomination race, he isn't likely to win it: they all point out it is very early in the election race, and there have been several other front-runners in recent months: Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, hell even Michelle Bachmann had a spell in front of the polls. And even if he did win the nomination, he'd be ripped apart in the debates if he had to go up against someone like Hilary Clinton. There is one theory that those standing against him are more than happy to allow him in the race because Trump makes them look good (and that's saying something when you've got the likes of Cruz or Chris Christie in the running). And although he may be leading the race at the moment, he's also leading the charge for the candidate Republican voters would be most dissatisfied to them, and while he has a 23% approval rating, 59% have an unfavourable opinion of him. Although Democrats would be more than happy for Trump to lead the Republican charge to be the next POTUS, he won't get the nod.
Jul 15, 2006
Kenton, Devon
Yep, that is the nightmare scenario for the GOP: 54% of his supporters have said they'd vote for him as an independent, while only 20% have said they'd back whoever gets the Republican nod: that's as good as a 4-7% loss for the Republicans - enough to tip the balance in a lot of swing states.


Jun 26, 2015
Tauranga NZ
Having lived in the US for a while, I can say that there are a lot of people who are way right of Trump and very eager to have a war with somebody ( Russia, Cuba, Iran to name a few). Many commentators regard him as near the centre of US politics, his main fault is that he is an arrogant person who fails to engage his brain before opening his mouth.

Oh and of course he has to much money

Apr 12, 2016
Trump is a worry. He appears to be the complete opposite of everything that you would want as a politician let alone the leader of a world power. A man of division.


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Jul 3, 2006
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andyr1963":2vk52pjq said:
andyr1963":2vk52pjq said:
Come decision time, when (not if) he has made himself to look a complete political fool, then his support will collapse totally.

Told you so.

WHAT? :shock:


Here is my take on it in Feb this year:

I'll trump your Trump dangerous and Trump bonkers with Trump unelectable!!

The deeper he gets into it, the more 'ooohs' 'aaahs' gasps and boos I hear when he makes his learned comments. Most people like to pique a little interest in life whether it be sport, politics or reality tv. The Presidential campaign is a really long winded process and would be totally boring if 'serious' all the way through. As it moves away from a laugh, a giggle and 'entertainment' and becomes a real election for the most powerful person on the planet then surely the numbers will tumble off him? Surely?? :shock:

Tell you what .. getting scarey now!! :shock:
Apr 15, 2004
East Devon
The thing to realise is that America is a massive place and it is utterly divided – culturally, ethnically and politically. It is a place of startling disparities.

There is the mostly urban America of the east & west coasts with it’s very liberal, outward-looking attitudes, fabulous universities, world-beating technologies, music, movies, artists etc...... this is the US we tend to see most of being wealthy & successful. Solid Democrat territory – although as Bernie Sanders showed a significant number want a more radical alternative.

But then there are the large hinterlands of the mid-west & deep south – deeply conservative on social issues, very religious and with a powerful sense of traditional identity, of family & history. They despise the liberals and feel very threatened – there is ‘old money’ here but their numbers and influence is steadily dwindling and they know it. These God-and-guns ‘tea party’ stalwarts that have virtually hijacked the Republican party.

Then there are the Hispanics & other immigrants whose numbers and confidence are growing and their influence is increasingly being felt. Traditionally they don’t vote much – but that is changing - they mostly favour Democrats although without much enthusiasm and largely because of the Republicans’ image problem.

Then there’s the ‘rust-belt’ & lower-middle/ working poor. These are the real swing voters who don’t really identify with the above - the truck drivers, cabbies, factory workers etc. These are the group that Trump has targeted – appealing to their fears and playing on the distrust of the establishment.

The neo-Con Republicans don’t like Trump and would much prefer one of their own; but their hatred of the liberals is so intense & so bitter that they have held their noses & gambled that Trump can deliver enough of that swing group to stop what they consider is an assault on their way of life. You cannot over-emphasise just how much they HATE Clinton, HATE Obama, HATE the Liberal elite. Can you believe that one candidate actually calling for the other to be "locked up" ?

We thought the EU referendum revealed divisions in this country – but believe me it is several orders of magnitude greater across the pond. When Trump loses – and barring a massive scandal about Hilary (which is admittedly quite feasible) then I’m quite sure he will simply because the numbers are against him – then there are real dangers those divisions in the US will really boil over.