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Danny Mayor

Mar 24, 2019
I’m a huge mayor fan but there’s no way he gets into this team at the moment …the current midfield 3 are looking like a really cohesive unit …the calmness of houghton with the relentless energy of camara and broom either side is a joy to watch .
I think dm s role at the moment is going to be as an impact sub. I think he’d have been really effective coming off the bench in the fleetwood and Cambridge games when we were struggling to break them down.
Mayor’s place has been virtually guaranteed since he’s been here. Now that it’s not , we may see his game go up a level…exciting times
Dec 3, 2005
At the end of the day Footbal is a TEAM game and it looks like the TEAM are playing much better now.
It is okay having one or two players who are seemingly better then the rest of the team, but they in turn appear to disrupt the team performance, other players may feel 'forced' to play to these 'so called better players' instead of playing the right ball.
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Feb 13, 2021
You keep a successful team together- not dismantle it unless finances dictated- but we are so well run we would not need to sell our family silver just to survive


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Feb 24, 2007
He stays and fights for his place.

There will certainly come a point where either broom and/or Camera are off the boil or just need a rest.

I’m sure a spell on the sidelines are a good reflection period for players who are used to playing every game they are fit for and I’m also sure DM will be a better Argye player for having had that period of time our.

What an option thou!!