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Cotosen Clothing

Jun 4, 2015
Just a quick word to the wise - you may see random pop-up online advertising from a company called Cotosen which purports to sell a range of sports and casual wear at hugely discounted, attractive prices. Can I just warn any fellow Pasoti-ites to steer well clear? I ordered a sweat shirt back in Feb which still hasn’t arrived (from China/Hong Kong) despite frequent request for a cancellation and refund. Every request is met by a variation on the theme of it ‘being impossible to cancel as the item is being prepped for shipping’ or some such bs. I’ve googled this lot and found tons of similar stories and complaints all saying the same thing ie it’s nothing more than a con - if and when your order does ever arrived the quality is, apparently, appalling (it would be nice to actually have the opportunity to judge for myself but I’ve long since given up hope of seeing my order). Buyer beware!!:mad:
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Sep 27, 2006
I think I've been taken by a company called Gogroopie for a pair of cordless earphones, only 14.99 but it's the thought of them scamming me that grinds.
I bank with TSB who offer full online protection so I'll probably get it back eventually.😠

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