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Nov 29, 2012


From Jon Doyle (MD):-

I was born in Plymouth in 1964, I am 56 and married with two Children, Kieran and Tilly. Tilly was christened 'Tilly Emma Argyle Doyle' and even the priest chuckled, after reciting her name during her christening.

My first game was in 1975, a 3-0 win against Bristol Rovers, with Rafferty and Mariner scoring one each. I have been hooked ever since.

I always use to stand in the Mayflower with my brothers. So many recollections over the years, seeing Umbrella Vi from opposite the Mayflower and Noddy are fond memories as well as winning at Wembley and the semi-final at Villa Park, which brought tears to my eyes.

I spent 23 years in the Royal Navy and the radar and comms on a warship were/are state of the art. No matter where we were in the world the comms team could tune me in and I could listen to the match or results, even from the other side of the world.

For over 16 years I have worked at the award-winning holiday lettings agency Coast & Country Cottages, where I am the Managing Director. With over 450 holiday homes, exclusively in Salcombe, Dartmouth and surrounding South Devon countryside, this certainly keeps the team and I busy.

My whole family supports Argyle, it is in our blood. I once tried to donate blood but it was refused because it was green... only joking on that one!

Jon Doyle