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Carey in Europa League Action


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Sep 30, 2003
Look forward to watching this. Hope he plays!
Aug 5, 2016
What a crass comment that is Tavy. If you don’t understand what a player like Danny Mayor brings to my Plymouth Argyle then maybe you should start supporting another outfit. Argyle certainly don’t need your so called support.

At £23 a ticket I’d say we certainly do! And I’m sure Simon Hallett would agree.
If believing a high earning player should score more goals or perform a bit better is a crime worthy of keeping out of the stadium for, most football grounds would be half empty.
Look at Man Utd fans with Alexis Sanchez (or recently with Paul Pogba), Chelsea with Timo Werner, Sheffield United with Rhian Brewster, and where do you start with Arsenal.
Signing a big reputation player and spending decent money for the privilege brings pressure and expectation at any levels.