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Camara made available for transfer

Jul 13, 2006
We won't know how much he goes for unless the buying club divulges. Great that he's an international but how many games did he miss? league 1 teams don't have as big a squad on the whole. We either need more internationals so we can get games called off or less.
Apr 30, 2011
Not that simplistic is it? I am confident that Camara would love to stay if he could.I think he enjoys it. We all saw his emotional departure in the Sunderland game. BUT he has to take into account financial considerations.
Also consider his background, I'd guess he has a lot of family in Africa who he could really help by earning better money. I obviously don't know the bloke but he doesn't strike me as the kind to blow all his money on cars, booze and women.
Dec 14, 2008
Now without Camara, we have a giant hole in midfield. It wasn’t good enough when he was here as he needed desperately some legs alongside him.

Camara & Cooper are different class to the rest of our squad. Both have weaknesses like Camara with his final ball/shot and Cooper with crosses but they are head n shoulders above anything in our squad.
I agree with you about Pan and Cooper and don't think people realise just how important Pan was to our midfield. Fully disagree with you about Ennis being as good as Hardie.
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Apr 30, 2011
I like Camara but I think that’s largely because of his energy and his personality on the pitch, not necessarily his footballing ability. I’d rather he signed his new deal, but I also think he’s replaceable.
He has great energy, presence and skills. But he isn't that quick and he doesn't score many goals. Joe or Connor would score more goals than Pan from centre midfield. I'm not saying they would necessarily be more effective in terms of retention or retrieval, but I'd fancy either of them to score more goals than Pan. If we sold Pan and signed two decent wing backs, i think Connor and Joe would offer enough in midfield to make the overall deal a step forward.
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Aug 5, 2016
Ennis is nowhere near as good as Hardie.Just to remind you Hardie was our top scorer with 19 goals.
Ennis is a lot better than Hardie at lots of aspects of forward play.
The main thing Hardie can do well is run like a greyhound and score goals.
Ennis is young. When you realise he is only slightly older than Ryan Law, we might appreciate he needs time to develop too.
As for Hardie’s goals, it is great to see so many are behind him now. I seem to remember spending a lot of time defending him last season when he wasn’t scoring goals and it was the Luke Jephcott show.
Jul 28, 2020
I remember people were upset when Antoni Sarcevic ( then aged 28) left for Bolton in 2020

Ryan Lowe then replaced him with a similar ( but ultimately better player)

I wonder whether exactly the same thing will happen when the replacement- Panutche Camara ( aged 25) -leaves this summer ?
Mar 11, 2021
I think Ennis will be a PL striker one day. He's got something about him.
He's not had a really good run in the team. Maybe tell him " you're my striker for the next 3 months, " so he can bed in properly like.


Oct 3, 2003
Sarf London
I think Ennis will be a PL striker one day. He's got something about him.
He's not had a really good run in the team. Maybe tell him " you're my striker for the next 3 months, " so he can bed in properly like.
I'm not so sure about that, but I hope you are right.
Feb 13, 2021
Unfortunately we cannot change anything- the Club have made their decision regarding Pan
They are better qualified than most to know what type of player can fill his boots & the price required to obtain it
Football is a business & Pan with his current stock being reasonably high should be able to be sold for Argyle's evaluation ( we will never know what the sum will be ) but the club being run in a financially prudent way will use what money they get sensibly to enhance what we have
The management would have planned this close season recruitment months or years in advance
Of course behind the scenes they are probably gutted than Pan has chosen not to sign an improved deal - but football evolves on a daily basis & when all said & done football is a business & sometimes you have to cash in when an opportunity arises & this is exactly what this situation is
To many players have wound their respective contracts down & we have been left with zilch
But we are now a different animal- financially stable, run in a prudent way & have a very transparent business model & custodian
Fans will always have an emotionally attachment- unfortunately business does not