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Burnley Relegated


Site Owner
Nov 29, 2012
Can't bring myself to ever wish that on any club (other than Milton Keynes) Kevin.

Just think back to when Argyle were almost no more. Awful feeling.


Dec 7, 2021
Gary Neville said something about them paying back 70 million….

Look, we came close to going out of business. I’d never wish that. It’s petty. But l remember final day of the season at their place and l’d like to meet them again for sure.
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Feb 24, 2007
They initially go bust, administrators make a bag of money, they club clear there debts and they start over.

The only losers in this scenario are the smaller business that are owed money that are offered 2p for every pound owed.

It’s criminal and corrupt.
Nov 18, 2011
I don't think anyone outside of Burnley is shedding a tear

However, the way they were taken over by using the clubs own money to pay off shareholders, dumped a load of debt onto the club and without the new owners actually putting any of their own cash in should be criminal.

It just about works when the Glazers did this with Man U as that club can generate so much income, Burnley though are nothing like Man U commercially and will now probably be the next Derby County.
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