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Bristol Rovers v Plymouth Argyle - the build up

John Cooper

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Feb 20, 2011
Balham_Green":29o8lcq9 said:
Presumably Josh Grant will not be available tomorrow which could be a significant loss.

Why is that? I thought he played against Bolton in last round?

Ottawa Green

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Sep 18, 2003
Ottawa, Canada
Confirmed Josh Grant did play against Bolton

Argyle (3-5-2): 24 Alex Palmer (gk); 5 Scott Wootton, 6 Niall Canavan, 3 Gary Sawyer (capt); 8 Joe Edwards, 7 Antoni Sarcevic, 25 Josh Grant, 10 Danny Mayor, 21 Callum McFadzean; 16 Joel Grant (18 Billy Clarke 75), 17 Byron Moore (11 Dom Telford 90). Substitutes (not used): 1 Mike Cooper (gk), 4 Will Aimson, 9 Ryan Taylor, 20 Adam Randell, 32 George Cooper.


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Mar 4, 2012
Old Gunner":1ud4l353 said:
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Penlee":1ud4l353 said:
Very interesting piece by Holloway in the Bristol paper particularly the bit regarding Jock Morrison

https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/foo ... vs-3589606
One of the things I really like about the modern game is that players are no longer lauded for their thuggery. A lot of the so-called "hardmen" of yesteryear wouldn't have been able to play professionally had they been made to stick to the rules.

I agree and it was the same at amateur level. I recall turning an opposition right back inside out for the entirety of a match...when he got his chance he launched a knee high tackle at me snapping my anterior cruciate ligament. I managed to carry on playing all sorts of sport (despite advice from the medical profession) and still do, but haven't had a day over 40 years without some sort of discomfort. I'm an easy going bloke but if I could ever find the guy who did it I would do him some damage.
The referee didn't even book the bugger...these days I probably could have done him for assault.

Pots and kettles. :twisted: