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Bristol City match day thread.

Oct 31, 2015
Good game again. Based on pre season games we have improved a lot. That means nothing at season kick off but the 3 X home games have been a pleasure to watch.

I really don't understand the negative comments in this match thread 😡

I prefer the 3 X CBs that finished tbh and Ennis up top but apart from that the starting 11 almost picks itself.

Defo Pen for them. Not sure what Coops was doing🙄


Jul 22, 2013
A few observations;

1) The back 3 look assured. I would probably play Gillesphey ahead of Galloway based on what I have seen.
2) We're still trying to thread killer passes through the eye of a needle. It doesn't work 90% of the time.
3) Ryan Hardie looks sharp, and has to start with Ennis at Rotherham.
4) Houghton looks every bit the QB that we didn't have last season. Randell will be an able deputy.
5) Camara is not convincing me. We need someone with greater poise to play that RCM role.
6) We still really lack presence upfront. Grant and Mayor opened them up time and time again in the first half and there's no-one to hit with a cross. Oh for a Mickey Evans.
7) Argyle TV was impressive. But please sort the timing of the replays out- they were almost worse than iFollow last season, which is incredible, as they were terrible at it!
Feb 8, 2009
A really enjoyable watch and a very good performance from Argyle. Shame they couldn't get a goal though.

Ennis was a real livewire when he came on for Jephcott. Also Randell looked very good when he came on. Houghton had a good game. I can see Randell as being the midfield substitute of choice and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see him starting in right-midfield if Camara is not up to it and he is still displaying signs of the raggedness apparent in the closing part of last season..

Danny Mayor was inspired throughout and in goal Cooper was superb and delighted that he saved a very harsh penalty against him.


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Feb 24, 2007
Mar 15, 2007
I don't see how you can come away from tonight's game with an overall negative view. There is definitely room for improvement but it was another encouraging showing. Defensively we again looked really solid and moved the ball around the back well. The wing-backs were getting forward well, albeit the final ball was lacking. I thought our midfield did really well after the first 15 mins or so and matched up well to a quality opposition. Jordan Houghton was superb again and has an excellent range of passing. Mayor was also very good and looked every bit as good as the Championship players opposing him.

The disappointing part of tonight's display was that in the final third we didn't make our good build up count. Jephcott missed a golden chance and I thought we looked far more dangerous after he was replaced by Ennis. For me it is him + 1 on the opening day.

In terms of our best XI, I think it's now a case of Galloway v Gillesphey at LCB and Jephcott v Hardie at centre forward. Personally, I would opt for Hardie and Gillesphey. I really like what I've seen from Gillesphey. He drives up the pitch with the ball like Kell Watts did at his best last year, but looks far more assured defensively. He is also the best passer of the centre backs on the evidence i've seen. Galloway I thought was sloppy tonight.


Cooper - 6 - Mistake for the pen, but made up for it with the save. Distribution very good.
Grant - 6 - End product needs to improve.
Galloway - 5 - Sloppy. Not his best game.
Scarr - 7 - Pleasantly surprised me all pre-season. Dominant in the box again.
Wilson - 7 - A lot more mobile than I expected!
Edwards - 6 - Same as Grant. End product needs to be better.
Houghton - 8 - Very good display again.
Camara - 5 - Sloppy. Lost the ball too easily, but put himself about well.
Mayor - 8 - Took a while to get going but once he got into the game he was very good.
Jephcott - 5 - Missed a great chance. Hold up play inconsistent. Without the goals i'm not sure he's justifying his place at the moment.
Hardie - 7 - Worked hard. Caused problems. Needs to be more of a goal threat. Partnership with Ennis looks promising.

Ennis - 8 - This guy is just great. Strong, fast, technically good, what's not to like?
Gillesphey - 7 - Should be starting at LCB for me.
Randell - 5 - Struggled I thought. Needs to protect the ball better. Will come with experience.

Hope we can finish pre-season with a solid performance v Torquay now. Would be encouraging to see a few goals. Would still like to see another two/three players come in. A striker and a central midfielder are a must.
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Mar 14, 2009
Back from the game.

Similar to Swansea review.

Ennis came on the pitch and is many levels above Hardie and certainly Jephcott. It highlighted how we desperately need a player upfront of Ennis, type levels. That player needs to be physical as well.

We looked solid at the back. Houghton looked decent. Randell came on and looked good once more. I’d like to see both in the same team. That would require Camara to be swapped for him and I don’t want to see this but Lowe wont change his system l feel to accommodate all three.

I thought Camara was his usual, brilliant energetic self.

The problem with our set pieces is the ball into the box is not whipped into the box and is too ”floaty”. I think it’s too easy to defend.

We lack something in the final third. Whether it’s pace out wide or someone to unlock a defense, over than Mayor, l feel the team may struggle without one or two new faces for the top end of the pitch.


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Dec 29, 2005
It's a pre season friendly.. its about getting fitter and more time with the ball. The result doesn't really matter. Don't get any points for it . Yes it's good to score and win.. but its more important for new signings to get used to playing the Argyle way with established players.

Monster Green

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Jan 12, 2007
First match for me of the pre-season, and a thoroughly enjoyable match. City bossed the first 20 mins, but from then we more than matched them; probably just edged it to be honest. The back 3 is far more composed and their positioning is great. The team kept shape well and they will only get more slick over time. Ennis needs to start I think, he was awesome when he came on. He seems more effective than Jephcott when he drops deep too. Houghton was class, as was Mayor. Can't wait for the season!

Mark Smith

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Sep 15, 2003
Luxembourg and Horsham
Famous last words, but we’ve not been outclassed by any of the three Championship clubs we’ve faced.

If we’d played just one or even two then people might say they weren’t trying or they didn’t play their best players, but for us to stand up and be counted in all three games I think bodes well for us being able to more than hold our own in League One... I’m not talking promotion, just a comfortably better year than last year (??)

Graham Clark

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Nov 18, 2018
A commendable display against an organised opposition who penned as in for much of the first half. We significantly improved when Gillesphey and Ennis came on. Gillesphey was particularly adept at playing the diagonal or channel ball and I think has the edge over Galloway as a starter. He also is a danger at corners, if we can get them past the first man!

I cannot see Jephcott as a starter. Hardie offers pace over the top and Ennis is as good with his back to goal as he is creating chances with his pace and twists and turns. We have a real player on our hands there. Good to see Danny and Jordan linking up well. Camara was energetic and has a remarkable ball retrieving ability but some of his control and passing was sloppy. Cooper looked assured apart from conceding the penalty. His dead ball is prodigious and he is increasingly comfortable with the ball at his feet.

On the evidence of the pre-season we look as though we are a likely top ten side and we won't be looking over our shoulders at the relegation places. Our acquisitions are all an improvement on last season and I think we can look forward to a season of progression.
Sep 22, 2020
overall fairly encouraging. looks like we will concede less but scoring could be a problem.

weak spots seem to be a partner for Ennis who is by far our best striker. Hardie works hard and makes good runs but is weak in front of goal. Jephcott needs crosses to finish and is not getting that. Looks for free kicks too easily and simply falls over now.

Not sure what Grant provides and i suspect his place is under threat with Gillesphey and even Laws ahead of him for me.
Sep 8, 2013
Back after game after a 70 minute drive home. And I wasn’t in the least disappointed. Yes, we did not score. Yes, we lost by the odd goal. But I was very encouraged by what this season’s squad did this evening. I thought we had more of the better chances. They had a few, I agree, but somehow we managed to deal with them. A good match and an engaging contest. I drove home feeling confident that there is quality in this team…and a little depth too…but perhaps feeling that we need just a couple of additions in certain areas to be very competitive this season.

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