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Brief Synopsis - Sponsored by Bromleigh House Ltd

Feb 8, 2005
What are you all talking about?

Pre-season is no indication of how any team will do when the season starts.

Nobody plays full out pre-season, nobody tackles hard pre-season, nobody wants to get injured to score a goal pre-season, nobody wants to get injured trying to stop a goal pre-season.

All these criticisms and praise of individuals mean nothing.

There is no point in debating how we will do until we get into the league games. Pre-season gives us no indication as to how we will cope with the stresses and strains of the full season. It is merely an exercise to get the players up to speed in order to start the league in the right frame of mind.

Management have done well to get the players fit, to avoid player injuries and to have instilled some tactical awareness into the new players, but the season doesn't start until next week, and even then there will be some strange results, and it will take a while for the teams to settle down into their resultant positions in the league.

We will have some idea how we are going to be doing after 10-15 games, and even then there will be no guarantee that the team will continue to remain there for the rest of the season.

Current praise or criticism of our players will have no affect as to where that will be for us, it will be up to the manager, and his staff, to instill his thoughts on how he wants the game to be played, and it will be his responsibility to blend the players into a team that can do it for him, but it will be the journey that will be of interest to us supporters, with all its ups and downs still to come, with cheers and tears, and laughter and embarrassment, and joy and frustration, and we know that it all starts next week, not yesterday.

Lets all get together to give our team the best send off for the start of the season next week and see where that takes us. You never know what we will be in for.

Come on you Greens.
Jul 27, 2021
Based on what I’ve seen in pre season:-

+ve Randell , Gillesphie, Ennis, Broom
-ve Jephcott, Law , Camara
Feb 13, 2007
i really enjoyed the match against a very good team.ennis will be signed by a prem club soon i think,an outstanding signing by argyle,randell also magnificent and i was very impressed by broom,full of energy,we are going up. :)
Think Ennis looks ‘head and shoulders’ better than Jephcott. He looked sharp in the second half against BCFC.
Sep 22, 2003
Wasn't Luke our multi-million pound asset a few months ago, and now not even League One standard?
At least one view is wrong.
Jan 2, 2006
I didn’t see any of this game. Is there anywhere on line where the goals/highlights can be seen?

would also be interested to hear how Lolos did for Torquay - I haven’t seen him mentioned anywhere. Did he play?
Sep 22, 2003
He played, but was pretty much anonymous.
I saw nothing to suggest that we'd have been wiser to have retained him and sent him out on loan.
Good luck to the lad, but there's little chance of him tearing the National League apart.


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Feb 24, 2007
Yeah steve, leave that £10m player on the bench.
Sep 20, 2005
If you leave, THEY win.

Defend the corner, this is Plymouth Argyle FANS on the Internet after all.

Remember those that call us 'Supporters' (🤨) should have a word with themselves, if you are an Argyle fan, you have to have a green tint.

Not only that, if you do bugger off, where are you going to go? Facebook? Twitter? - See my point? 😛

Graham Clark

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Nov 18, 2018
To me it is no coincidence that Luke’s decline in form and scoring is related the Niall Ennis’s arrival. In fact I don’t think he has scored since Ennis opened his account at Accrington.

When you look at the goals last season many were first touch ‘right place right time’ type of goals. Others were touches running across the first defender with a deft flick or guided header.

Seeing in the latter part of last season and in the PSFs this season he doesn’t appear to making the same runs whether he’s partnered with Ennis or Hardie. He has had clear cut chances in the PsFs but more from the edge of the area rather than as a six-yard box predator.

Luke looks fitter and leaner for the forthcoming season. He is definitely now behind Hardie and Ennis for a start. He needs a bit of luck for the ball to drop at his feet as it did several times in the first half of last season. Confidence is perhaps the most important quality as a striker and the longer his extensive scoreless run continues the further his confidence will decline. To do that he has to start making those across the defender runs again and hope that he gets a better service from wide areas around the 18 yard box. That service certainly diminished as the season progressed last season.

Looking at him in the PSFs he has been running backwards far too much trying to link play. That and ball retention are not his strengths. I hope he can work through it and get a lucky break or a penalty and then we can see whether the decline in form is temporary or more long term. It is far too early to write it off and I sincerely hope he can turn it around.
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