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Oct 31, 2010
Torquay 0 - 3 Argyle. Ennis, Camara, Hardie. Attn 2,356.

The last of the pre-season friendlies, there looked to be around 1,500 fans.
The Hux was the ref again!

Torquay to their credit really worked hard to close us down early in the game, we were often passing amongst ourselves around the six hard box.
We took control of the game later in the half.
Ennis scored a superb solo goal, battling against three defenders, holding them off to fire home a low shot. Simply brilliant!

Camara scored a second just before half time..

The second half was more of the same, Torquay battling to contain us without causing us any problems.

Hardie scored a third goal late in the game.

Randell was superb throughout the game, Lowe has a tough decision to make for the quarterback role v Rotherham between Randell and Houghton, although Randell also did well in Camara's position late in the game.

Jephcott struggled again, to be blunt he was poor. He's trying and trying but nothing came off.

Tomlinson had a good game but is unlikely to start at Rotherham.
Gillesphey looks to have nailed the left centre-back position plus he now seems to be a set-piece expert after taking several free-kicks.

Shirley had a great cameo as a late substitute, one for the future although due to our lack of strikers he could be on the bench next week.

Broom is a bundle of energy, bouncy and adds a new dimension to our attacks - pacy and direct.

Schumacher was missing from the dug-out and wasn't on the pitch after the match when the players sat in a circle for Lowe's post-match team talk.

The pitch was poor and there will be problems later in the season.

So good to finally go to an away game with fans chanting and singing, just like normal
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Jun 12, 2006
Hampshire, UK
Surprised he played Broom and Camara instead of Mayor and Broom. I presumed Broom had been brought in as a more skilled replacement for Camara.


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Dec 30, 2004
Torquay started at a very high tempo and closed us down all over the pitch.It wasn't until midway through the first half Argyle got going.Then two goals in a matter of minutes completely changed the game....with an excellent finish from Ennis.....Broom looks classy and full of running.
Jun 16, 2021
Against a team two leagues below us!

Before I was thinking 5 or 6 would be the difference between lge 1 team and non league so 3 - 0 is a tad disappointing but after 40 mins even that seemed unlikely.
A long punt and some individual brilliance from Ennis changed the game
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Nov 29, 2012
Don't go anywhere mate, we need more positives on this site. 👊
Feb 13, 2021
i enjoyed watching today- this team is day & night compared to last season yet some people are not satisfied- cheap shots & digs regarding individual players- it is childish & disrespectful

Some people give me the impression that whoever we sign they will not be good enough in their mind & that they will never appreciate what they bring to the team

You cant win every game 6 or 7 nil regardless of the opposition put in front of you- Torquay gave us a good examination & we passed it

Roll on next Saturday - i cant wait