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Billy Sharp attacked by a fan (violence in football)

Sep 6, 2006
1. As your post suggested that the club could stop pitch invasions with increased stewarding, I thought you might have some sort of idea how many would be required to achieve this, it wasn’t obvious that you wouldn’t have an answer, even if it was just an estimate on your part. It wasn’t a loaded question or any attempt to catch you out, I really was asking an honest question. I wasn’t happy with your sarcastic answer because of the sarcasm rather than the content, although I’m sorry for losing my rag over it.

2. I’m not willing to compromise the safety of the players, which is why pitch invasions have to be stopped. I don’t think it can be stopped by increasing stewards as I think the number of stewards needed will be unworkable and unaffordable.
So we can agree to disagree re 2. In any event Police, even dogs, may have to be the answer unfortunately.