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Becky Harvey RIP

Oct 23, 2005
Like many on here I only knew of Bex from her posts, which were always interesting, passionate and genuinely fun to read. She made great use of this board and always made it entertaining! Clearly Argyle through and through it's supporters like Bex which make football clubs so important and special.

RIP Bex, you'll be sadly missed on this board and at Home Park.

Condolences to all family and friends.


You'll all be happy to know that I received a call from Rick Cowdery this morning.

He's going to put a piece in the programme on Saturday, along with the picture of Bex and Micheal Foot.

Well done PAFC for this.
Aug 21, 2006
Laido":1me339qv said:
Rest In Peace Bex, send my love to Keef and have a good chinwag about Argyle's tactics!..Sad day..you'll be missed

Laido :(

This is saddening news enough, but I had no idea Keef had passed away too. :(
Sep 7, 2006
Never had the pleasure of meeting but did enjoy reading the posts and from what i've read, seems the a great person who really did love and support Argyle through the good and bad.

Condolences to and thinking of family and friends, RIP



RIP - my thoughts are with her family and friends.

I enjoyed her company when I met her before the West Brom away game a couple of seasons back (horrible pub, mind you) and also in the Bay Window.
Jan 25, 2011
I have heard the terrible and sad news. We will all miss a true Argyle fan and a fantastic Mummy.
I remember Becky and her son Josh coming to games, training sessions and even, one day,having lunch with the squad at Home Park. I remember her asking me to advice little Josh about the benefit of eating vegetables and yughourts...that was as good as a Mum she was.
I also remember both of them travelling to Yeovil to watch me play for Forest.That is what you call honest and true fans.They could see through the color of a jersey...
My thoughts are with her children Michael,Nicholas,Madeleine,Joshua, her husband Ronald and her close family.
Au revoir Bex et repose en paix.
David and Family.