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Becky Harvey RIP

Jul 29, 2010
Really sad to hear the news.
I met Bex once having crossed swords a few times previously and from that point on it never happened again. She still had her view on things and quite often mine differered but having met her the passion and commitment behind those views could never be questioned, the fortitude she displayed in dealing with her condition too was inspirational.
Throughout her day to day ordeals she brought up another generation of Argyle fans in her family. They should, as i'm sure they are, be utterly proud of her.
RIP Pilgrim.
Apr 15, 2004
East Devon
I never met her but I'm very very sad to hear this awful news. She was one of a few posters that I'd always make a point of reading - often I disagreed vehemently but her personality shown thru' strongly so I feel like I did actually know her. She sent me a very touching PM once after I posted after my father died. Deepest condolences to her family who she obviously treasured and to her friends - even those who never even met her. RIP Bex.
Apr 21, 2007
I didnt know Becky but through reading her postings and from all the tributes that have been paid to her on the site, its abundantly clear that throughtout her life she has had an enormous impact on and touched the lives of many, many people.

When I logged on tonight and saw the words 'Becky Harvey RIP' the feeling I got in my stomach was no different to that which I felt when members of my family have passed away.

My condolences to Becky's family and friends. The world is now a much poorer place.

RIP Becky.
Feb 22, 2008
Sad sad news, only heard about this at the game today.

Met her once at Bristol City and she helped me out a number of times via PM's on here over the years.

Always enjoyed her posts and she was certainly one for getting debates going on here.

RIP Bexs



Oct 3, 2003
Sarf London
RIP Bex.

Only met her once but could see that she was a nice lady - even if I didn't agree with alot of her posts.
Remember her being quite susprised as she said I didn't look like a mod. Saying that, I dunno what a mod is suposed to look like!

Jan 26, 2009
Argyle to the core.
20000 fans like Bex, we'd be full every game.

I missed her posts on here for a long time, I guess this explains why.
Never met her, enjoyed reading her contributions, & am genuinely upset by this news.

RIP Bex,
My thoughts for every family member and friend, remember the good times.


Thanks to Steve GoS for this poignant picture.