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Argyle's away support

May 1, 2006
Remember wigan away. Leaving on the coach about midnight from the old Far Post Club. Arriving about 7.30am to find Argyle fans already roaming the streets looking for any cafes open before the pubs did. I started in the home end as away end was packed and we were directed there, eventually police found room for all of us and we moved. Also Dave Smith came on several coaches after including ours to apologise to us for such a bad team performance.

My first away game, I would have been 8yo. What an epic journey. My most abiding memory is seeing the streams (and steam) from the result of dozens of Argyle fans 'relieving themselves' at the back of the terrace.

It might be odd but seeing this sort of carry on, and other things, like fans being led away by police around the HP pitch, general behaviour which would be considered massively anti-social these days, (most of which probably passed me by, in the main) were things I strangely enjoyed as part of the fascinating and exciting package Argyle offered as a wide-eyed youngster! :ROFLMAO:
Nov 15, 2011
Nothing to compare with the appro 14000 we took to Highbury 1986. Apart from the Wembley games.
Cup game yes, but I'll never forget that day. Pay at the turnstiles they had allocated a 12,000 (Ithink) space in the away end but by 2.45 it was obvious it wasn't enough, I literally couldn't move at all and people were starting to get crushed, it was very worrying.

Thank god there was no fencing and people spilled onto the pitch and there's you tube footage you can see fans seated on the grass around the pitch and I think they eventually opened up another section next to the Arsenal fans and everyone could breath again. And we lost 6-1.


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Nov 29, 2012
One copper saved us that day, he told his Inspector to 'do one' and he bolt cropped the lock in the Clock End. He was standing by Area 51 and I (we were both worse for wear from memory) but I can remember him marching him off doing it.

I also remember the Met kicking seven bells out of a black bloke right next to our coach, three of them gave him a proper kicking. I can remember Area 51 having a pop at them about it and they said' STFU, unless you want some as well, now get back into your coach' - The Old Bill lost their composure that day, and I reckon it was because our 1000's and 1000's took them all by surprise.

I'd never witnessed away support like that at the time. It was truly amazing to see the hundreds of coaches driving through Holloway that day, it was like an army visiting the capital city.
Dec 29, 2011
Charlton away a couple of years or so ago sold over 3000 tickets for that. letdown
Chelsea away 75/76 took thousands that day.I and my family had to sit in with the Chelsea fans and keep stum.Following season took around 50 from memory
Going back to that Wigan game I would have said around 5,000.I just remember sliding down the bank in the rain more than once
Dec 13, 2005
Not the biggest crowd but I remember going to Cambridge on a Tuesday night. I think it was 1993/94 and the only part of the ground allocated to Argyle was the small section of terracing in the uncovered Terrace on the side of the ground which held about 600 (Brilliant bacon rolls in french bread though). This was rammed full by 6.30 and they could not open what was then the Allotment End. To avoid a riot, they moved all the Cambridge Fans in the Main stand to one end and put the rest of us in there. Now I loved Noddy's enthusiasm for Argyle but after 2 Hours sat next to him with non-stop chants of 'Green Army' my ears were ringing and we lost 2-0. I also remember a similar incident at either Cheltenham or Forest Green where we were given the home end as so many turned up on the night
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Apr 24, 2013
I also thought that we took about 6,000 to 7,000 thousand to wigan, we were in a pub and through the window i thought we counted around 50 to 60 coaches of argyle fans driving by. springfield park maximum capacity was 40,000. That grassy bank end must of had a capacity of 5000 to 6000 and seemed pretty full. we were in on the side by the grandstand and there was hundreds of us there. As we entered the the ground through the wigan side we were counted as wigan fans not argyle. There was more of us than wigan fans that day, and how they made the argyle fans total 3,000 i dont know.
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Nov 29, 2012
I remember that game, great turnout, I also remember Blair Sturrock 'scoring' a last minute winner but the linesman ruling it out for offside.

I flew out to the Maldives the day after, I was knackered after driving back from Nottingham and then next morning driving to Heathrow. My Mrs wasn't happy. :rolleyes:
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Jul 11, 2006
As an added question to my original one. How many did we take to Hillsborough in the Luggy era and then the City Ground when we beat Forest there ?. Thanks guys
Dec 13, 2004
Unable to help re attendances but I remember an irate Forest supporter walk up to the dug out and ripup his season ticket as his team got well and truly beaten.

The Doctor

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Sep 15, 2003
Unable to help re attendances but I remember an irate Forest supporter walk up to the dug out and ripup his season ticket as his team got well and truly beaten.
That was a superb Argyle performance. When our third goal went in literally half the home fans got up and walked out. They had Wes Morgan playing - I always remember that we regarded him as a complete joke of a defender…!