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Argyle's away support

Aug 5, 2015
I remember that Wigan game. A special train went up just from London. Various people amongst us held warrant cards and convinced the police to let us go to a nearby hostelry rather than be marched to the ground. Vivid memories of standing on railway sleepers, getting soaked and watching us get well and truly stuffed. Recognised myself in a photo in a book about that promotion year. Happy days!
Jul 13, 2021
Remember wigan away. Leaving on the coach about midnight from the old Far Post Club. Arriving about 7.30am to find Argyle fans already roaming the streets looking for any cafes open before the pubs did. I started in the home end as away end was packed and we were directed there, eventually police found room for all of us and we moved. Also Dave Smith came on several coaches after including ours to apologise to us for such a bad team performance.
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Nov 29, 2012
That was the biggest away support I've ever seen. Amazing turnout.


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T.O Support
Aug 17, 2005
The Blackburn match in the 74/75 season must be up there with high attendances as well.
Jul 11, 2006
Thanks for all the responses guys. Makes me proud to know that despite our relative isolation from elsewhere we can take some fantastic numbers to away games
3,000 for the Notts Forest 3 pointer. We won 3-0, great atmosphere great day. What's more I started a chant for the 1st and only time which all 3,000 started singing....
Me and a couple of mates tried starting 'My garden shed' at Wembley but the irony was lost and nobody joined in.....but I digress...
Dec 14, 2008
Not saying it was up there in numbers, but can anyone recall how many we took away to Leicester in the game after Holloway left us for them? That's the best away atmosphere I've been a part of, but may have just felt like there was more there than there was because of the atmosphere.