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Argyle's away support

Jul 11, 2006
Question for my fellow greens who are likely to be far more knowledgeable on the subject than me. If we discount cup games where Argyle have had massive away supports what are our biggest numbers we have taken to league matches please ?. Believe we took 4000 to the Madjeski in our championship days, but other than that what are some of the biggest followings you have seen Argyle take to an away game ?. Thanks guys and gals
Jul 27, 2011
St Austell
It’s such a shame our neighbours have such tiny away ends (even pre-seating) as I’m sure we’d take 5,000+ to Exeter and Torquay and probably 3,000+ to both Bristol clubs.

I think there’s every possibility that we take 4,000 to Hillsborough later in the season.
Nov 2, 2004
Posh between 7 and 9 and I'm sure Wigan was 3000
I don't think that is correct. Wigan had a crowd of 9500 that day and their previous home game drew 4000, in those days wigan normally had crowds of about 3000. Inside the ground there were hardly any home supporters the away support occupied 3 sides plus some in the other, Wigan fans had been put off by some poor behaviour around the town. I was at both games and believe our support was similar at both.


Site Owner
Nov 29, 2012
No way was it that much. It was very impressive but Neil's right, about 3,000 from memory.

Terrible day, terrible weather, terrible result. Plus someone I travelled up with was nicked and we had to wait about 3/4 hours to get him back. Annoying thing was, he was cleared of any wrong doing at the resultant court case a couple of weeks later.
Nov 2, 2004
Sorry but I am not having it, no way would Wigan have drawn 6500 supporters and they only occupied one side.
Jan 12, 2011
Exiled in Cornwall
We had the end (including the grass bank) and a small part of one side ( about 1/4) there were a group of about 50 Argyle supporters in the opposite side and they were moved across to the side with Argyle fans already in.