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Argyle v Swansea Match Thread


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Oct 31, 2010
Half time 2 down. We had good chances, especially early doors, Ennis missed a sitter from 6 yards.

We press very high which is a new tactic, Hardie and Ennis push right up against the defenders and Mayor and Grant push up right behind them and it's worked a few times and we win the ball. The problem is when Swansea beat the press with a ball through the middle and suddenly Swansea are running through the space at Randell and the back 3.

Hardie is playing well, full of running.
Randell is good on the ball, he sure can pick a pass but struggles with the physical side.

Huge problem with the PA system and static noise blaring out during the game.
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Feb 1, 2012
We now should change our tactics with some effective substitutions. Who is on the bench to come on?
May 29, 2011
There were loads of negative comments about the standard of commentary last season but I think these two are excellent. Ian Stonebridge is articulate and has good knowledge of the club and I really like Rob McNichol. I think we’re lucky with the standard of our commentators.


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Dec 30, 2004
Looking at the screen you would not know what the score was or indeed how long there is to go before half time/end of match....improvements needed...
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Aug 15, 2015
I'm not one to mention usually, but I do think the criticism is a tad OTT. We've not been bad at all, just a flat last 20. Nothing horrific.

We're looking to play the safe ball back to Cooper too much for me. But I'm much impressed by this team compared to last season's. Randell is an upgrade on Fornah, in that he wins the ball and looks to thread balls through to forward players and runners. The defence look more solid. Galloway looks tidy, but perhaps not fully sharp. Mayor is Mayor, flattering to deceive for me. He's barely in the game. If he's supposed to be our most creative player then we are in big trouble, because we don't look to have much going forward.

On the whole though, happy with what I've seen so far. Like the look of Wilson & Scarr at the back too.
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Nov 2, 2004
Decent half of football. I like our new defenders especially Scarr. Hardie needs his shooting boots but it’s only pre season. I just cannot see Law as a viable player at our level. All in all a very good workout.
Jul 14, 2008
Decent enough half against a good team. Should have been 2-0 up after 10 mins. The coverage on Argyle TV is excellent - 100x better than iFollow
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Jan 12, 2006
We should have been 1 up and possibly 2 when Hardie could have passed it in instead of ballooning it over the bar.

Then it was all Swansea for 25 minutes. 1 great goal, 1 lucky one. Last 5-10 we've been better.

Some people need to remember who we're playing against.
Feb 1, 2012
If this was a league 1 game then I would be worried but it’s against very good opposition. Let’s see how positive we could be with some subs, different combination and a change of style. The score isn’t really important tonight.
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