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Argyle v Swansea Match Thread


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Feb 24, 2007
Any one have any idea on the possible starting 11?
Feb 1, 2012
Generally liked the TV presentation. Will enjoy the chat pre, mid and post match. Rob and Ian were impressive. Ian’s knowledge of the academy youngsters added to the enjoyment.
Jun 16, 2021
Very much Work In Progress.
Not taking your chances reflects the quality of lge 1 v championship.
Rallied 2nd half as Swansea coasted but never really looked like winning.
Positives Scarr and Wilson are an upgrade on last season.
Negatives midfield is still lightweight and goes AWOL.
Should be OK for a mid table lg1 season on this showing but dont get too excited
Jan 2, 2006
Randell was massively improved once Camara came on. With Pans work rate it allowed Randell more freedom to showcase his passing. Pleasantly surprised with Scarr - wasn’t expecting him to be so comfortable on the ball.

overall lots of plus points I think Lowe will be very happy with that
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Mar 8, 2011
Thought we lacked width first half but much better after the break. Some good stuff played tonight with Law and Randell featuring well. Also some great skills from Ennis.

Argyle TV was pretty good. Rob ”let me just break off from prattling on” McNicholl could do with toning it down a bit. If it’s beyond Argyle TV to give us a clock and the score, maybe Argyle could invest in a clock / scoreboard somewhere in the ground to help attendees and viewers.
The club twitter account tweeted before the game that live score graphics will be added at a later date
Oct 31, 2015
Really enjoyed that and you don't normally get that from friendlies.

Wilson is a CB. At long last. Scarr seemed to already building a relationship. Randall was very good in the second half when Camara came on. Young Law also good in the second half. Hardie worked hard and I loved the teckers Ennis did on their number 4. He wasn't happy. Edwards also played his normal 7/10. Also impressed with all the youngsters that came on.

Midfield still goes AWOL and looks light. Mayor is just ahhhhhhh. I am worried for Jeffers. He should have finished that one on one.

Defence definitely looked like a step improvement on the last few seasons.

Oh and we are back at the field of greens. Well organised today now it's up to us the fans to keep COVID at bay👏👏
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Jun 4, 2015
My first game at HP in about 2 years I think and thoroughly enjoyed it - apart from that horrendous racket from the faulty PA which was physically painful on the ears in the Mayflower. As others have mentioned, the kit is WAY too dark and is going to be bleddy hard to pick out during those dark winter evening games. You’d have thought the officials would have worn something to make them distinguishable from our players - I really had to look hard to identify the ref at times. Camara made such a difference when he came on and is going to be pivotal to any success this season. I don’t think we‘ll be worrying much about relegation with this squad. A couple more decent signings and who knows where we could be come May.
Aug 5, 2016
Gutted I missed this. I didn’t realise there was a game on tonight.
Is there any way I can watch a replay, now that Argyle TV is different to iFollow?
Jan 7, 2016
Context. 1) Swansea are a very good possession based side that narrowly missed promotion to the Premier League and a signicant step up in quality from the fodder we have practiced against thus far this summer.
2) It was a PSF on a hot summer evening.

Positives. The new signings that played this evening were all upgrades on what we had last season. So was Randell in midfield!

My analysis. We started well pressing high and causing Swansea problems. We could and should have taken the lead. However as Swansea got into the game they found space between the midfield and defensive lines. Some posters on here saw this as our midfield was too lightweight, I saw this as our defence were sat a little too deep allowing space in front of them. In the second half the back three noticeably worked together to keep a higher line which denied Swansea the space between the lines and rendered them as impotent. With the defence pushed higher the midfield magically appeared stronger. Yes Panuche gave a valuable injection of energy on a energy sapping hot evening. IMO we started as the better team and finished the better team. For 15 minutes in the first half we were a little at sea, but unlike last season, the team appeared to have reflected at half time and addressed the threats the opposition posed. All in all a good workout.

Finally, one last shout out for Ryan Law, two fantastic bits of skill in the second half culminating in him cutting inside and then firing in a great shot that hit the post. So, I will agree with those who commented during the first half that he shouldn't be playing at this level; you are right, based on his second half performance he should be playing at a higher level.

Opinions opinons. Keep the faith!