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Argyle v Doncaster Match Thread

Sep 20, 2005
Well I think we barely deserved a draw there. Dreadful second half performance, they could have easily had two or three more and we didn't create much. But who cares :D

By the way, how much injury time have we played this week!?
Dec 3, 2005
Phewww tense finish - well done Argyle - no doubt some will come on here to moan about struggling to beat the bottom team - but we WON and 3pts are ours. 4th in the table and 4 pts clear of the 5th team. :)
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Mar 16, 2009
Very true FourMark.

Turning it round at home, where teams were stifling us a month ago, is a very very good sign.


T.O Support
May 25, 2016
Desperately unlucky on Tuesday at Fratton not to come away with all 3 points having played so well. Felt like a defeat.

Today it sounds like we nicked it against the run of play, so that evens things up a bit? But who cares - this squad is proving resilient even when playing poorly and rolling Donny over was never going to be easy.
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Aug 24, 2009
Unsurprisingly we looked tired, we were not on it to day and still won, We often play well and think how did we not win and today we were rubbish, never gave up and we won. Kettle was okay today, he did well in the circumstances, the attitude of the Doncaster players regarding time wasting and continuous fouling meant they got what they deserve. Mom Houghton.