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Argyle quiz question...

Dec 20, 2005
From my West Brom mate ...

English born player, played for Argyle before being capped by USA. Has on older brother with links to WBA and Argyle....

Any ideas?


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Jul 3, 2006
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'Daveed' Régis?? (b. 1968). Who is a Frenchman having been born in Martinique? He played for the USA.
David Regis (b. 1964) who played for Argyle was Cyrille's brother but he never played for the USA.
How's that? :unsure:
Dec 20, 2005
Well, it turns out my West Brom mate got it all a bit mixed up and the question should have read ...

Which British born former Argyle player with a link to West Brom, has a brother with 2 caps for the USA.