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Argyle Old Boys - Where Are They Now

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Sep 18, 2003
Ottawa, Canada
Been with Morecambe for a couple of months before signing

Ennis out injured for Blackburn again.

With the manager's comments about Niall, you have to wonder how he passed a medical at Ewood.

Snippets of quotes I found interesting in the comments and I had zero knowledge of:
Still not been disclosed why JDT called out Plymouth when he signed and showed up for training camp out of shape and condition, grossly overweight for a professional football player. The lad clearly knows where the onion bag is but will we ever get to see him, whatever his issues are good luck to him.
Plymouth knew he was coming to Rovers, from their comments after he signed for us he had "injections" in his ankle for something like 8 games. It was reported at the time, then from what I understood they basically dumped him at the end of the season and left him to defend for himself until early July when he became a free agent.
if Ennis is fit to play against Plymouth in the return game, after the criminal way they treated him he won't need any motivation from JDT if he's selected.