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A possible new Argyle chant?

Aug 23, 2006
Home Park
Zoo Corner awaits you Tony!
Hahahaha were I went when I was a very young lad with my Dad and the Spion Kop. I normally sit in the cheap seats in mayflower these days. But I remember singing the old songs in the 80s loved it. Maybe a trip down memory lane is needed.
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Jan 6, 2004
Molly Malone was good because it uniquely Argyle (or at least never heard any other club singing it)

Not a fan of name checking Exeter. I think how you feel about them must relate to when you start supporting the club but in my day they were just the little club up the road, we never played other than in the Devon shield, not real rivals.
Aug 5, 2016
I came up with this chant that would be great to sing next season. Scrap the Ryan Lowe nonsense, we’re over him now.

Schuey is our leader,
he’s bleeding green and white,
City got promoted,
but they are Fudging shite,
Edwards is our captain,
Hardies on attack,
Cause we are plymouth argyle,
And the greens are bouncing back.

Allez Allez Allez,
Allez Allez Allez,


Any lyrics that should be changed? COYG! This would be great to hear echo throughout the stadium next season.
Jesus christ, ever since the lad come up with the chant on facebook (and caught on like a wildfire) all anyone wants to do is promote their new version of his song. This must be the twentieth attempt to change the words - it aint gonna happen. 17,000 people now know the words to his and about 50 have read this post.

Come up with something new, be original.