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50 shots, 1 goal.

The Doctor

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Sep 15, 2003
I dont think lots of shots are necessarily a good thing - it can suggest, as is the case for the last couple of games imo, that players are taking early shots from marginal positions, which is often the easy option, rather than make an incisive pass or move to turn a half chance into a real chance.
Correct. Statistical analysis has shown that possession, corners and total shots are all poor indicators of a team's likely results but shots on target is. We would be better off having less shots if we could get more of them on target. I do think that it is significant that in the last 2 or 3 games we have played stronger teams with much more solid defensive set-ups (not just the defenders but the whole team structure). So it has been much more difficult to get in behind the defence or into clear goal-scoring positions and players have opted to shoot from further out with less effectiveness instead.

(I see greenpiled's post came in as I was typing this saying much the same thing)

The Pasty Kid

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Aug 16, 2006
Total shots can certainly be a misleading stat. I cannot remember many clear cut chances from the last two home games apart from Mayor’s goal. This is what will happen when teams sit much deeper against us. We are fantastic at playing on the break against a high line but look hopeless trying to break down compact defences.
They have seemed to be overwhelmingly outside of the box, with defenders in the way. More hit and hope than clear cut mostly.