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1 to go

Jun 25, 2021
Another huge day at Bolitho on Saturday as Parkway host Cinderford Town. The only way they
wont be crowned as champions is if they lose, Frome win and there’s an 8 goal swing on goal difference

I imagine the champagne is on ice, not quite drinkable temperature yet but it’s chilling nicely


Auction Winner
Sponsor of Butcher
Apr 22, 2006
Great for local football that Parkway will be at SL Premier level next season and that Tavistock will replace them at their current level.
It is good for Argyle too with the possibility of some promising young pros gaining experience at a better level should the clubs continue working together.
Jun 25, 2021
Looks like the club have extended the entry offer to everyone. £5 for all with under 11’s going free. Given what’s a stake and what could happen tomorrow I’d like to think the 1000 could be broken which would be amazing.

Looking at the table, if :-

Parkway win - they win the title

Parkway draw - they win the title

The scenario where they can’t win the title is if
Parkway lose, Frome win and there’s a 9 goal swing

What a day this is going to be. Hold tight

Alan Turing

Staff member
Jul 24, 2010
I shall be there with my brother in law. If nothing else, it will help stop me fretting about Argyle.