1. The entry of a team into the Fantasy Football game is free. There are no prizes - only glory.

2. The winner of the game is the team who has the most points at the end of the season.

3. Points are allocated every week on the basis of team selection for league matches, FA CUP matches and League Cup matches. Any other fixtures (such as LDV Trophy and so on are not included).

4. Players can enter Fantasy Football at any time after the start of the season.

5. Points are given for goals, apppearances, assists and clean sheets - as follows:

  • Each Goal Scored - 3 points per player per goal
  • Each Assist Leading to a Goal - 1 point per player per assist
  • Each Clean Sheet - 3 points per defender or goalkeeper
  • Each Starting Appearance or substitution- 1 point per player
  • Man of the Match - 5 points

6. Points are lost for disciplinary offences and goals against

  • Each Red Card - lose 2 points for player receiving card
  • Each Yellow Card - lose 1 point for player receiving card
  • Each Non Appearance - lose 1 point for player not appearing in a match
  • Every goal against - lose 1 point for each defender & goalkeeper

7. The Squad can consist of as many players as the budget will allow for. Bear in mind, though, that players can often lose points as well as gain them. The value of a player always starts on 50,000, but increases or decreases as the season progresses. Managers can buy and sell players whenever they wish before the weekly transfer deadline.