Welcome to Fantasy Football.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 10:06

This is your big chance to have a go at managing the Argyle Squad through the trials and tribulations of a turbulent season. Your ultimate aim is to score as many points as possible to beat all the other teams who are competing against you. To do this, you must make astute choices about which players to buy and sell throughout the year. You might want to pick a strong attacking squad, which would be good if you think Argyle will have a lot of firepower, or you might want to pick a strong defensive team - better in matches with few goals and for clocking up more appearances.

When a player is first included in the squad he is given a positional status: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or striker. After this point that player will continue with that status no matter where he might play on the pitch.

The game has several simple rules.

The latest scores, statistics and league tables will be created here (see below), and then posted to the Fantasy Football messageboard.

  • Team selection is now on for all current P@SOTI members. Just click the button below.
  • P@SOTI members get one free entry into the competition.
  • There are no prizes other than the immense pride that you get from outsmarting your fellow Argyle supporters.

Players Form This shows the form of each player with a score in fantasy football. Use it to decide on which players to buy and sell. Note that a players value is his score times 1000 + 50000.

League Table screen. This table shows how your team is performing in the league.

Last Match Statistics. This table shows how the players performed in the last match.

Simple Form. This is a simpler table showing the basic league positions and the scores (diff) for each team on the last match

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